Disc Magnet MOTORS

These high-speed micro stepper motors excel in applications that require the motion precision of a stepper motor and the speed and acceleration of a brushless DC motor. These unique disc magnet stepper motors are great for mobile applications, devices with size limitations and applications requiring fast and precise positioning. With the highest torque to inertia ratio, you can't go wrong!


The exceptional possibilities offered by our line of disc magnet stepper motors are unequaled by any other kind of permanent magnet stepper motor. Their advanced technology, developed by Portescap in Switzerland, allows for truly exceptional dynamic motor performance. The unique thin disc magnet enables finer step resolutions than permanent magnet stepper motors in a given envelope, significantly higher acceleration due to low inertia and greater top speed than conventional steppers due to a shorter magnetic circuit presenting lower iron losses. Therefore, these stepper motors are ideal in applications that require fast incremental motion. This unique design takes full advantage of new rare earth magnets and features:
ModelMotor Diameter (mm)Holding Torque (nominal current) (mNm)Detent Torque (mNm)Step Angle (degree)Steps per RevolutionSpecificationCAD3D CAD
P010 064101.80.91524
P010 104101.50.9940
PH010 064102.41.11524
PH010 104102.11940
P110 0641671.71524
P110 104166.21.7940
P532 EN52205453.6100
P760 EN74325207.548

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