Gearheads provide a means of gearing between the motor and the load to provide either speed reduction or to increase the torque capability of the composite. Two types of gearheads are available - planetary and spur. Planetary gearheads are compact and deliver high motor torque. Spur gearheads have good efficiency and low friction torque.


Encoders provide feedback for your accurate control of motor speed and positioning. Three varieties of encoders are offered: Optical, magnetic, and magnetoresistance. Their robust design makes them suitable for severe environments. Resolutions from 4 to 528 lines per revolution are available, with up to 3 channels.


Drives are available for DC and Brushless DC with performance specifications of 5V - 10A and 36 V - 12 A. Feedback required for the drive is Hall sensors or encoder.The Stepper Drive is available with 12 V -45 V and 1.5A - 3A.

ModelMotor Diameter (mm)EfficiencyStatic Torque, Max (Nm)Recommended Input Speed, Max (rpm)SpecificationCAD3D CAD
B16 (Ball Bearing)1681%0.38000
B16 (Sleeve Bearing)1655%0.38000
BA16 (Ball Bearing)1672%0.48000
BA16 (Sleeve Bearing)1672%0.48000
K24 (Ball Bearing)2485%0.75000
K24 (Sleeve Bearing)2485%0.75000
K27 (Ball Bearing)2765%0.74000
K27 (Sleeve Bearing)2765%0.74000
R10 (Sleeve Bearing)1090%0.1510000
R13 (Ball Bearing)1385%0.57500
R13 (Sleeve Bearing)1385%0.57500
R16 (Ball Bearing)1685%17500
R16 (Sleeve Bearing)1685%17500
R22 (Ball Bearing)2280%25000
R22 (Sleeve Bearing)2280%25000
R22HT (Ball Bearing)2282%4.212000
R32 (Ball Bearing)3280%206000
R40 (Ball Bearing)4085%406000
ModelNumber of Lines Available (LPR)Encoder TypeSpecificationCAD3D CAD
E9100, 144, 200, 256, 300, 360, 500**, 512**3 Channel Optical
D1212Integrated Magnetic
F1616Integrated Magnetic
HEDS 5500/554096 to 10243 Channel Optical
M Sense B1024, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1Magnetic with RS422 Line Driver 
MR2512, 500, 400, 256, 250, 200, 160, 128, 100, 80, 64, 50, 40, 32, 20, 16, 8, 4Integrated Magnetic
ModelPower Supply Voltage (VDC)Feedback TypePhase Current EDM-453.00, Max (A)Phase Current EDM-453.01, Max (A)SpecificationCAD3D CAD
EDM-45312 to 45None31.5

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