Athlonix Dc Motors

Looking for a high power density, yet cost-effective DC coreless motor? Whether it be high power density, high torque, or a delicate balance of both in a compact envelope, Athlonix mini DC motors allow you to find the perfect solution based on your specific performance requirements.

Athlonix mini dc motors are ultra compact and offer lower joule heating. They provide a substantial energy savings to help achieve your energy efficiency goals. With Athlonix, you can enjoy sustained high quality performance over the life of your products. Portescap’s Brush DC coreless platform of motors facilitates minimal resistance and low weight, eliminating cogging to provide superior output, speed and acceleration. The Athlonix family of coreless DC motors satisfies demanding intrinsic safety application requirements with proprietary REE (Reduced Electro Erosion) technology

DCP motors can provide excellent speed-to-torque performance without breaking the bank.
Looking for compact motors with high torque?
DCT high torque motors offer better life and reliability due to less heating.
Looking for a mini DC motor with unparalleled speed-to-torque performance?
DCS motors offer able to provide the superb power you need in a compact envelope.
ModelMotor Diameter (mm)No-Load Speed (rpm)No-Load Current, Typical (mA)Output Power (W)Stall Torque at Nominal Voltage (mNm)Continuous Torque, Max (mNm)Torque Constant (mNm/A)SpecificationCAD3D CAD
10NS61 Athlonix1010700110.70.760.97.7
12G88 Athlonix129900162.
12GS88 Athlonix129000141.21.781.516.1
16N78 Athlonix169270905.413.66.927.7
22N78 Athlonix22907528136615.772
16DCP Athlonix – Graphite16918477.21.33.852.4227.94
16DCP Athlonix – Precious Metal16968419.
16DCT Athlonix – Graphite1610427150.3416.495.0654.26
16DCT Athlonix – Precious metal161007928.64.317.145.4554.26
17DCT Athlonix – Graphite17965392.64.616.165.8955.88
17DCT Athlonix – Precious Metal17980024.74.816.436.1555.88
22DCP Athlonix – Graphite2210889132.64.317.656.2341.01
22DCP Athlonix – Precious Metal221104958.94.518.346.541.01
22DCT Athlonix – Graphite22853887.3975.7312.7570.27
22DCT Athlonix – Precious metal22856942.79.679.5613.2970.27
24DCT Athlonix – Graphite24781090.3968.9414.659.86
24DCT Athlonix – Precious Metal24783744.19.471.5514.9659.86

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